15th December 2018
CCL UK currently renewing its ISO accreditations, which we have held successfully for the last 7 years. 

Best Practice and Polices Pay off for CCL UK

19 May 2013

CCL are really pleased that following on from a recent Liability control assessment from our insurers we received some amazing feedback saying that the ensuing feedback report reflecting our policies and practice was one of the best they had ever had.

Managing Director Steve Wakefield says “This is part of our on-going commitment to quality good working practice and a testimony to the whole team “.

Mark Brannon, Cert CII Corporate Manager CCV Risk Solutions Limited t/as Just Insurance Brokers says

‘I was extremely pleased, but in no way surprised to receive a call from CCL UK’s insurance company to advise that the AIG Europe Ltd consultant considered them to be one of the best risks he has ever surveyed.

This kind of feedback is rare following such surveys so it should certainly be considered high praise indeed! Having insured Steve, Jackie and the team for a number of years, and following a recent visit to see them, I was in no doubt that they would pass with flying colours.

I was extremely impressed, having seen first-hand, all the work they have put into achieving and renewing the various accreditations and awards they hold, together with their general can do approach to risk management and health and safety, in order to create an excellent working environment.

While some companies can find a survey daunting, CCL UK approached it with their usual positive attitude and had every reason to be confident as there were no formal requirements to come out of the report. Well done to all the team on all the hard work!

Why choose us?


At CCL UK we are extremely proud of our high standing within the fibre optic cabling community.

This has also resulted in an impressive number of large scale installations and an international reputation for reliability and innovation.


"The going was long, and sometimes tough, but the team spirit and can do attitude was superb at all times."

- Shell UK Limited